"Expressing a deep care for how we live and give in this naturally beautiful world."
Hi, my name is Miya Valmadre-McCrae. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art in 2003 and I've continued to learn from many wonderful and generous teachers since. 
Artistic connections to the natural world are infinite and the beauty and importance of nature are awe inspiring. I hope to contribute positively to our appreciation and conservation of nature and art.
And I hope to offer thoughtful gestures of love and connection between each other and the way we live in the form of the pottery I make.
Every Two Warm Hands piece is a carefully considered form, made with attention to detail using locally manufactured stoneware clay, local materials and equipment where possible. The work is packaged using locally manufactured biodegradable and/or recycled card and paper (no plastic!). All pieces are made by me in small batches in Brisbane, Australia.
Stoneware clay is a type of ceramics that is strong and high fired, perfect for functional, durable, quality tableware and decor. I love stoneware for its varied textural, visual and earthy qualities.
I make and use food safe glaze recipes that are excellent for all purpose use. New glaze developments are an ongoing creative process, which I get excited about.
I endeavour to make every piece as beautiful and functional as I can for you and your loved ones and I look forward to the exchange from my hands to yours. 
Miya Valmadre-McCrae