About Two Warm Hands


Expressing a deep care for how we live and give in this naturally beautiful world.

Hi, my name is Miya Valmadre-McCrae and I’m particularly passionate about mindful, skilful, enjoyable artisanship within Australia, with sustainability and connection as key driving forces. Pottery is a slow process by nature, and can align beautifully with an intentional and sustainable living philosophy. Two Warm Hands creates artistic, small batch, quality stoneware that will last, be loved and provide enjoyment for those who use it in their daily lives. 

I’m an Australian artist living and making in Brisbane. My passion for natural materials and creating functional art began as a child and I was fortunate to carry that through school and university at the Queensland College of Art, and now as my living through Two Warm Hands.

On a personal level, since I've become attuned to the thrill of making and/or using beautifully crafted, sustainably designed products of any kind, they're now all I want to use in every part of my life. I value the importance of the artistic craftspeople in our society. I want to nurture that role in any way I can and connect with others who are open to it's value in our culture.


The collection is designed and handcrafted by me in the the old substation art studios in Brisbane, Australia. Everything can be used in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. 

The range is designed to mix and match to create an array of naturally beautiful table setting options. Attention to detail is given to the quality, aesthetic and feel of every piece so the subtle beauty of form, texture, surface and functionality can shine.



Every Two Warm Hands piece is thoughtfully made using locally manufactured stoneware clay and local raw materials where possible. The work is packaged using locally manufactured biodegradable and/or recycled card and paper (no plastic).

Stoneware clay is a type of ceramics that is strong and high fired, perfect for functional, durable tableware and decor. I love stoneware for its varied textural, visual and earthy qualities. I make and use a tried and true glaze recipe that is excellent for hardwearing use. New glaze developments are an ongoing process which I get excited about.


Since I can remember I've always felt lightning bolts of excitement when creating something I can use and love working with natural materials that I find around me. 

My Fine Art studies at uni fed my curiosity to create and developed my eye for skill and beauty. Later, my drive to learn, connect and nurture led me to becoming a school teacher. Despite the incredible experiences and meaningful connections that being a teacher brought, over time, the drive to create a unique way of living and working grew strong and it lead me back to my own artistic practice.

The first year of Two Warm Hands was dedicated to perfecting a set of plates that performed aesthetically and functionally in a three hatted restaurant in Brisbane. I continue to learn and develop valuable knowledge and skills to create quality ceramics with purpose and beauty.


Sustainability and connection are at the heart of Two Warm Hands. I'm excited that this is connecting me with individuals and businesses who make a positive impact in the world through their work and ideas.

All Two Warm Hands pieces are made in small batches in one location, Brisbane, Australia. All materials and packaging (no plastics) are made and purchased locally wherever possible. I use an Australian manufactured kiln to fire the work to stoneware temperatures.

Part of my vision for Two Warm Hands, among many things, is to run the kiln from 100% renewable energy. As Two Warm Hands develops, I’m excited to improve sustainable practices in all aspect of the business and connect with likeminded people locally and globally.

I endeavour to make every piece as beautiful as I can for you and I look forward to the exchange from my hands to yours. 


Miya Valmadre-McCrae

Photo by Nola Mancy of Little Light Studio Product Photography.